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We are proud to present the next chapter in our history of colouring the world with socks: Happy Socks CHAPTER #FOUR. This new collection offers a versatile mix of designs, including everything from classic argyles to split dots to animal patterns. In addition, we are happy to present a new extensive selection of original tights in all kinds of patterns and colours, produced in Italy to ensure the highest quality and perfect fit. Our collection is divided into one main collection and three seasonal drops. These new Happy Socks have new materials, innovative designs, and a variety of playful colour schemes to pick and choose from.
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With the launch of our Chapter #FOUR Collection, we will introduce the highest quality socks we have made yet. We have new yarns, new production, new sock knowledge, and tons of other improvements to help satisfy all our Happy customers. This means we’re really proud of our new socks and can’t wait to show them off to you! Colourful fun for everyone – What is different about our new Collection? A higher quality combed cotton. Better fabric is the simplest way to improve our quality. Our new supplier provides stronger, softer combed cotton that makes our socks hold together better, keeping them and you happy. Here we have collected all of our main categories for an easy overview. Don’t forget that you get free shipping when ordering 4 pairs or more. If you have a hard time to choose- check out our Gift Certificates!